Many of our partners welcome volunteers. The requirements and expectations are likely to vary with time of year and cyclical needs. Some partners welcome single-day or short term commitments, others can only manage volunteers able to commit for a longer period of time. If you can give some time to a partner we encourage you to do so. We can help find a match, but it’s more efficient for you to be in direct contact with the partner whose mission most interests you, so do consider contacting a partner or partners directly.

When you contact a partner organization to inquire about volunteering there are several pieces of basic information that will help them determine how best to make use of your generous offer to help. Please include the following information:

The dates you would like to work; how much of a day or days, week or month you can give: whether or not you speak Spanish: any special skills and interests that you bring to a volunteer assignment; and what you hope to achieve in volunteering your time, talent and energy.

If you’d like us to make the contact for you, please complete the form below and click “submit.” 

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