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About Us

Friends of Nosara giving is managed through Amigos of Costa Rica a US 501(c)(3)
(EIN/Tax ID number: 31-1714653)

2018 Board of Directors and Officers

Executive Committee:

President: Alice Olson
 Vice President: Pam Bumgardner
Treasurer: Michael Olson
 Secretary: Virginia Wheaton
Member at large: Roberta Jones (Bobbi) Johnson

Board Members:

Randy Bombard
Donald Spears
Michael Wolfe
Virginia Wheaton
Mary Brennan
Lili Adams
AnnMarie Ermatinger
Pam Bumgardner
Saskia Ellemeet
Beverly Kitson
Reagan Grant 
Cathy Wells
Virginia Wheaton

Corporate Documents

IRS 501c3:

2015 990-EZ: